tax planning tips for small business
Getting Ready for the New Year: Tax Planning Tips for Small Business

By: Allan Thompson | Chief Operating Officer Jet Capital presents our Getting Ready for the New Year series to provide useful information to prepare your business for the year ahead, including tax planning tips for the best tax savings. See our article with advice for planning your 2017 budget here. While the holiday lights are...

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tax season
A Tax Season Follow Up for Small Businesses

By: Kenneth Wardle | Chief Executive Officer Although you might be relieved that tax season and the annual April tax date have passed for this year, business owners also know their tax obligations continue around the calendar. From quarterly estimated tax payments to payroll deposits, there are deadlines and important paperwork due beyond the annual...

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man giving business tax savings advice
Time for Taxes: 5 Tips for Maximizing Your Tax Savings for 2015

While the holiday rush and this festive season might not say “tax time”, December is the end of the fiscal year for many small businesses. It’s time to look back over the last 12 months and strategize for tax savings before time runs out. Even with the best accounting and recordkeeping, taxes are complicated and...

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