Winning Back a Bad Day – Tips for Rebooting and Conquering a Rough Start

By: Randy Hernandez | Chief Marketing Officer

Everyone has had those days. You know those days. The days when the coffee pot floods, it is impossible to get out of the house, traffic is terrible, and there are already a dozen fires to put out as soon as you step into work. Sometimes it seems like a day is jinxed before you take a swing. Add the stresses of running and funding a small business, and then imagine the path that threatens your entire day.

The good news is that these rough patches are always temporary. Furthermore, everyone you know has had a morning or two that goes wrong. Don’t take a universal truth personally. Instead, take a deep breath and reboot your day the best you can. Here’s how.

First, stop and reflect.

When you are having a bad day, it is important to determine the source of your misery. Find a quiet place where you can think for a few minutes before you try to muscle through. You need to strategize.

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn

Is there something you are dreading or a deadline that is stressing you out? If this is the source of your anxiety, try to tackle this work first. Sometimes taking charge of the situation and getting down to work is much better than the dread hanging over your head. Brian Tracy turns to Mark Twain’s phrase ‘Eat the Frog’ for motivation. Tracy argues strongly that just getting the worst thing done first will increase your productivity and make you feel better about the rest of your day. Sometimes saving the rest of the day is as simple as taking charge.

On the other hand, you may need a different approach if your bad day is because of external factors. Hopefully, these factors are temporary like traffic or loud construction noise and a little time is all you need. If you are upset by things that are truly outside of your control, you may need to focus on the things you can change, at least while you are working. Realizing what you can’t change will help you turn away from fruitless battles and spend energy in better ways.

If you are not feeling well physically, try to take it easy. This is easier said than done, especially for small business owners and team leaders. However, you are a human being and trying to push through an illness can absolutely backfire with even worse symptoms. Communicate with your team. Let them know you don’t feel well. Then decide what level of work you can manage. Perhaps this is a day for catching up on some desk work that needs attention.

For many small business owners, financial concerns can become a source of stress. If finding business funding solutions would be a relief or help move your business forward, a merchant cash advance is worth exploring.

Now, for the reboot.

Ok, so the first hour or two of your day were painful. Nothing went right. It is time to start over and move on. Here are a few quick ways to make a mental distinction between your rough morning and the rest of your day.

  • Take a quick walk outside. If you have access to nature or a green space, a short, brisk walk can do wonders to reset your mood. According to a study by Stanford University, walking can boost creativity, too.
  • Write a thank you note. A few calming moments of gratitude might help turn your day around.
  • Email or call a friend. Checking in with someone you care about can be a great pick-me-up.
  • Write a few quick notes or a short journal entry about a recent success. Revisiting a triumph invigorates your current work with the knowledge that you can do it well.
  • Give yourself a few moments to read something fun. Take a mental break to read something non-work related and enjoyable. Maybe an article from the sports section about your favorite team or a funny review of a new movie.
  • Drink some water. Decide if you need a healthy, protein-based snack. Did you run out of the house this morning with no breakfast or only coffee? Your body may need fuel!

After you take a little break, decide what you need to do first and stay positive. Will you feel great after you finish the task you are dreading? Then go for it! The reward of completion is right there waiting for you.

Would a job be more fun with a co-worker? Ask a team member to join you and get to work.

Are you still feeling like you need to be alone? Make a list of quiet work that needs your attention and check through the list as you finish tasks.

Running a business and leading a team is your dream, so don’t let the little obstacles that life throws at you take more time than necessary. Since so many of us at Jet Capital have been in your shoes, we understand the exciting and sometimes stressful challenges small business owners conquer every day. We wish you the best in taking back your day. We are cheering for you!

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