Recruiting Success: Find the Best Talent for Your Small Business

By: Allan Thompson | Chief Operating Officer

Building the best team for your small business might be the most important way to insure your long-term success. At Jet Capital, we understand how critical it is to find the right match for your small business. Finding and hiring the right people should be an ongoing process as you grow. The hiring process can take a while from start to finish, so keeping an eye out for star talent at all times can give you a competitive edge when it is time to bring someone new onboard. Over the next few weeks, the Jet Capital blog will be offering expert advice and tips on recruiting, interviewing and hiring for your small business.

Recruiting includes deciding who you need on your team and getting out there to find them. Here are 4 smart steps to build your recruiting strategy.

Job Descriptions - Write What Your Small Business Needs

A clear, specific job description for each job opening is the very first thing you need in your recruiting toolbox. Small business owners have the advantage of knowing every part of their business. You have probably personally tackled most or all of the tasks required for your new hire. Take this insight and write a clear and concise job description.

Writing a job description is an opportunity for you to think through and specify the talents, skills and needs required for the job. If the position is short term or may transition into a larger role in a year or two, include this information in the job description. Avoid miscommunications or employee turnover by setting clear expectations at the very beginning of the hiring process.

A meaningful job description will benefit your search by attracting the right people. At this point, you are looking for the best resumes to hit your desk. Candidates with the right information will narrow down their search, so you should get better suited people from the start.

Consider Employee Referrals

Who knows your business better than your team? Asking trusted employees for referrals can lead to finding a great fit for the job and for your small business. If your team is small, every new hire has the potential to change the working dynamic for the entire group. Employee referrals can insure everyone is invested in what is best for the team over time. If you are confident in the judgement of your employees, they can be a fantastic resource for new talent. After all, your team is motivated to improve their work environment, find beneficial co-workers, and keep the company growing.

Depending upon the size of your business and the rate of your growth, you may consider creating an official employee referral program which rewards your staff for finding talent. Usually these programs can earn employees extra days off, gift cards, or even a cash bonus upon hiring and keeping a new hire for a defined time period.

Local Colleges and Job Fairs

Every semester, there are talented students transitioning into the workforce. Staying in touch with the career services offices of the schools in your area takes advantage of an already existing pipeline of young, enthusiastic workers. If you decide to visit campuses for interviews or for job fairs, you will also have a chance to meet many candidates at once. Furthermore, recent graduates in more technical areas like engineering and accounting should have benefitted from the most up-to-date training, potentially minimizing incremental investment in training expenses.

Keep in mind that the best students will be sizing you up, too. Be professional and polite, warm and welcoming, and enthusiastic (yet realistic) about the job you are seeking to fill. On-campus recruiting is an opportunity to network, both with the students seeking jobs and the professionals in the careers services office. As you represent your small business, treat campus visits and job fairs as a chance to build your reputation and your network of talented professionals.

Company culture can also benefit from the hiring of recent graduates as they are less likely to bring any preconceived views of what the culture should be based upon the culture they have been working in. This provides you with the opportunity to teach them your culture.

LinkedIn and Online Job Listings

Reaching the right person can also be a matter of using the right technology. A small business with a limited budget for recruiting can still get job openings in front of the right people with a smart online strategy.

LinkedIn uses a three-step plan which includes building your employer brand, creating a job post, and then finding and connecting to possible candidates through their search tools. You can get started HERE. and provide extensive online databases for both job seekers and those hiring. While it will take time to post your listing, filter through responses, and search out possible hires in the library of resumes, these sites do offer a huge potential universe of applicants. Take a look to see how your competitors are using these websites to confirm that they are useful for your industry.

Hiring is a huge commitment to the individual you are employing and to your business. At Jet Capital, we understand building your team is a cornerstone for your success. We are here with business funding solutions to support your staffing activities  and  other valuable resources and helpful tips to keep your small business on track as you grow.

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