Online Learning Grows Small Business Skills

By: Mike Kriesman | Chief Technology Officer

Entrepreneurs are naturally curious people who are always interested in learning more about the world around them and adding to their toolbox of skills. As a business owner, it becomes critical to stay informed about new technology and to learn to use the tools that can help your business grow. As a leader and manager, you also need resources to keep your team well-trained and informed.

Your small business can benefit from excellent training online in almost any area of expertise. Online learning tools have matured into a rich landscape of learning opportunities that can build knowledge, close skill gaps, and answer problems.

Here are some excellent online resources for growing your skills., a LinkedIn Company, is a comprehensive powerhouse of online learning resources. The courses offered on cover everything from administrative and software training to learning technical skills like coding, graphic design, and video production. offers a thorough collection of resources and training materials designed for small businesses. It is worth exploring the small business solution section of the website to see how you and your team could improve your knowledge with business software tutorials, communication courses, even leadership and product management training. For any small business owner or small team with a limited budget, offers professional training materials that will empower you and your employees with the skills you need to grow and succeed. offers a free 10-day trail and individual basic memberships start at $24.99 per month. Group membership plans for 5 or more people are available with custom pricing upon request.

The global community offers short talks and lessons under 18 minutes long. These talks cover a variety of subjects from “science to business to global issues”. For a small business owner, TED Talks are a direct link to experts in productivity, the practical aspects of running a business, and leadership and management.

TED also organizes playlists allowing users to find a group of talks on a topic. This useful feature helps users find related content on a topic and can expand your expertise with knowledge from experienced leaders on the subject. For example, the playlist entitled “What Makes Businesses Work” includes 7 TED Talks and includes talks by Bill Gross discussing why start ups succeed, Harvard Professor Linda Hill speaking about managing for collective creativity, and business educator Eddie Obeng on how to use failures to boost productivity.

These playlists cover useful small business topics:

Talks on Human Resources - This playlist includes 10 talks covering hiring, motivation, and diversity.

Talks to Save You Time at Work - From time-saving tech to running meetings more efficiently, this 6 talk playlist will help you get more done during the work day so you have more time to ‘focus on what you love’.

How We Make Choices - This 8 talk playlist includes discussions of how choice can empower or cripple us, how to make hard choices, and when to let others talk the lead in making decisions. For small business leaders who are constantly making decisions, this playlist is a way to stop and think about how and why you are making choices. is a place to “learn how to do anything”. This includes a ton of practical advice for running your small business or getting started on a new project. This website is a handy starting point for getting the steps to a process or project in mind before you dive in. Sometimes it is helpful to figure out how to get from point A to point B and this is where WikiHow shines.

How to Start Your Own Business - If you’ve wanted to take your local business online, this guide will walk you through the steps.

How to Start an Online Business - If your business is online, this guide will walk you through the steps.

How to Make a Good Hiring Decisions - Maybe you need to make a new hire, but you are wondering how to proceed. WikiHow has this 5 step guide to walk you through the process.

How to Promote Your Business - If you need to promote your business, here’s a WikiHow guide to get started. is another large website for learning with useful information for business owners. The business management section offers insight on topics from marketing to employee management, as well as business profiles and articles about business operations.

For finance and money questions, includes a Money section that covers the basics and can answer questions about credit, debt management, business funding solutions, and finanical planning.

For technology and computer questions, the Tech section will lead you to information about both computer and electronic equipment.

At Jet Capital, we know how fast the world changes and grows. As a small business owner, it can see like a daunting task to keep up with skills you and your team need. We hope you find these resources to be an excellent way to stay sharp and keep growing!

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