Forget the Gym! Whip Your Facebook Marketing into Shape with This One Trick

By: Randy Hernandez | Chief Marketing Officer

Engagement is Key to Facebook Marketing

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to reach potential customers and are probably already using social media marketing to drive new business. You’ve probably even heard the term ‘engagement’ as something you should strive towards in your social media marketing. However, the term engagement gets thrown around so much that the definition can seem a little fuzzy.

In short, engagement is when a user interacts with your content within the parameters of a social network. On Facebook, engagement is when a user shares, likes, comments or clicks on a post. Since Facebook tracks and rewards engagement, the more responsive activity you can generate, the more potential customers will see your posts. Designing your social media marketing to encourage user engagement will expand your outreach and empower your marketing. Let’s take a closer look at a few strategies that will make your social media marketing stronger by building up your level of engagement.

First, tailor your content to the needs of your customers. Successful engagement strategy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build authentic, meaningful relationships with users, the kind of relationship that invites confidence and trust in your content and brand.  The very first step in building this relationship is to establish your target audience and identify their needs. For example, if your customer base is largely working moms, you know they would appreciate tips on balancing family life and work, keeping their households and work calendars organized, and even specific advice like “how to streamline getting out of the house in the morning” or “healthy recipes for lunchboxes.”

If you are selling exercise equipment, your social media content might cover useful health and fitness tips, nutrition news, as well as client management tips for trainers and gyms. At Jet Capital, we are working to provide the most useful and interesting tips and tools for small business owners. (Follow us on Facebook). For any group of potential customers, you should strive to make the content so useful that the user would love to share it with their friends and peers. What kinds of information or tips will resonate with your customers? Tailoring your content to what your customers really need shows that you understand and care about them while also providing an opportunity to prove your personality. Useful tips and ‘hacks’ will build a positive association with your business and brand – you make life easier!

Over time, this content strategy will build an engaged community. When you invite comments and ask questions, users will know that you are genuinely interested in their feedback. When you respond to their comments, you have another chance to show you are listening to their concerns. Customer service is always a place where small businesses can stand out and this includes social media platforms. Responding to questions or complaints quickly shows you are holding up your side of the relationship, too.

Facebook Ads Platform

Facebook Ads are also a great way to improve your visibility, even for non-technical users. Facebook offers interest targeting and location-based targeting to make sure your ads get to the right customers. These hyper-targeted ads can help you increase your Facebook following, too, and keep that engaged pool of potential customers growing. Facebook also allows you to “boost” posts for a fee, which increases individual post visibility and can drive engagement. As with website click campaigns, you can target your boosted posts based on location, interests, age and gender (and many other factors).

Facebook Marketing Insights

Facebook also offers a tool to track page performance called Page Insights. This tool can help you measure which posts are the most successful so you can plan future content to build on that success. Page Insights will help you see what content is striking the right chord with your customers and what is falling a bit flat. This will help you customize your content as your business grows and give you great insight into what your customers need.

Getting users engaged with your social media marketing will help your business reach more potential customers and build loyalty for your business. Start encouraging users to click, share, like, and comment with content that is tailored carefully to their needs. Your efforts will be rewarded with increased brand advocacy and a larger community of potential customers at your fingertips.

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